Healthcare Hero: CCH Grateful Patient Program

They may not wear red capes, but to those they’ve helped, they’re real-life heroes. Perhaps a nurse brought comfort to you or your family member. Maybe a doctor made a life-saving decision that changed your life for the better. Or, a whole team may have come together to provide you or a loved one with exceptional care.

When you’ve had a positive experience at CCH, and want to extend heartfelt thanks to your Healthcare Hero, our Foundation can help.

Healthcare Hero CCHF

How do I nominate my CCH Healthcare Hero?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact our office to nominate your Healthcare Hero and let them know they’ve made a positive difference in your life. Please email or call our office at (613) 930-4508 to share your story.
  2. Make a donation of your choice to our Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation in tribute to your Hero’s exceptional care.
  3. Your Healthcare Hero will be recognized for their exceptional care, and thanked on your behalf. Each CCH Healthcare Hero will receive a commemorative pin to acknowledge their efforts.

***Grateful patients may request the opportunity to be present when pins are given to their Heroes.***