Power PAY DAY Lottery: Season 10

Power Play Lottery

Over $74,000 awarded last season!
Our 50/50 Power Pay Day Lottery is OPEN to the PUBLIC with
cash prizes every 2 weeks!

Season 10 runs until March 2nd, 2021! Additional tickets can be purchased all year long to help power-up your play. The more players that play, the bigger the jackpot… you can sign up at any time!

There are 3 ways to play:

  • Weekly Purchases – Pay as you go! Weekly tickets can be purchased at any time.
  • Lump Sum Purchases –  Purchase as many or as few tickets as you’d as many draws or for the entire season!
  • Automatic Payroll Deductions – Interested in enrolling your company for payroll deductions?
    CONTACT OUR TEAM for more information…we can help!

Tickets are only $3.00 each…You can sign up at any time

Click Here to see the Lottery Winners

Questions? Contact Kelsey Lindsay today!
613-938-4240 ext. 4488