The Benefits of Giving Stock…

Did you know donors gifting marketable securities to CCHF will realize more tax savings than a gift of cash? Our team will provide an official donation receipt (that may be claimed to save taxes) for the value of the publicly traded shares or mutual funds you transfer, and you won’t have to pay tax on any capital gains.

Check out this information article from the Globe and Mail, addressing frequently asked questions about the benefits of giving stock in Canada.

Donate the gift of stock to CCHF in 5 easy steps:

1.  Click here to print off and complete this attached form.

2.  Send a copy of the form to your broker and notify them of your gift.

3.  Your broker should review and add specific information such as CUSIP and FINS numbers as required.

Your broker can call Cecile Leblanc of Caisse-Populaire de Cornwall at (613) 932-4513 ext. 7144226 for questions.

4.  A hardcopy of your form (completed and reviewed by your broker) should be sent to our Foundation office for processing at:

Cornwall Community Hospital Foundation
First Floor
840 McConnell Avenue
Cornwall Ontario
K6H 5S5

5.  All donated securities are sold when they are received and directed to CCHF. Our Foundation will provide you with a receipt to document your gift for taxation purposes.