Government funding does not cover all medical equipment.

Joy Cella, Amie McCosham, Kathleen Jack & Dr. Leslie Stephens

Joy Cella, Amie McCosham, Kathleen Jack & Dr. Leslie Stephens

What we do at CCH:

Team: The OR is like a dance – we all have our own steps! And none of it works unless everyone is in synch. See what we did there?

Together, our team has 48 years of experience at serving patients at CCH. We work as a team in and out of the OR. We service every department. Breast cancer, colon cancer, gallbladders, scopes, appendix, hernias, wound care – we see it all. We try to make surgery as pleasant and positive as possible for the patients who come through our department. We strive for upbeat, compassionate, professional care.

The Medical Staff Office works with the Chief of Staff and all the physicians at CCH. So, that means Joy does all the OR scheduling for our surgeons as well as on-call scheduling, departmental and committee meetings. Joy gets people like us where we need to be.

A little about us: 

Dr. Stephens: Growing up, I loved learning about science in school. I knew I wanted to work with my hands, help people, and work on a team, saving patient lives. My grandmother was from Alexandria. I often think that Nana would be so proud of me, knowing I’m working at CCH.

Amie: I grew up in this community and have raised my children here.  Many years ago, I highland danced competitively.  My mom and often my grandmother attended my competitions and I look forward to having them cheer us on at this one!

Kathleen: We’re Scottish and proud! And we’re ready to dance!

Joy: I did my Coop placement at CCH when I was 17. CCH is like home to me. I love working with and supporting our physicians behind the scenes.

Why we’re dancing for CCH:

Amie: Participating in this fundraiser gives us the opportunity to work together and support our hospital in a fun way.

Dr. Stephens: Coming from elsewhere, but living here now, I’ve found this community to be so kind. We truly provide excellent service here at CCH, and I wish people knew how well this hospital runs. There are few things we can’t offer in Cornwall now. We provide high-level, complex surgical care, and we want to save people from travelling elsewhere – especially when they’re sick. We’re proud to be Team CCH.

Kathleen: There’s nothing more I love then helping others! It’s important to do our part to help the little ones in our community. Every little bit counts and we can have a little fun along the way!

Joy: Part of my job is physician recruiting. Having new equipment available to physicians is an important aspect of attracting new medical talent to CCH.  When I heard about Dancing with the CCH Stars, I was excited to put my step dancing shoes back on for a good cause. Don’t forget, we’re ready to win, too!


Our project:

We’re fundraising and dancing to win $50,000 in equipment upgrades supporting Women & Children’s Health at CCH.

  • A new neonatal SIPAP machine is required to support babies in crisis at CCH’s birthing unit who must be transferred to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.
  • A neonatal SIPAP provides ventilation for babies in distress to help them breathe and keep their vital signs intact.


Everyone on our team is a mother. We’ve had our babies at CCH. Working in the OR we’re involved in emergency c-sections where babies need help to stabilize before we send them on to CHEO. It’s important for us to support our OB program and help local mothers like us continue to access care.

Please consider pledging us and our efforts to support local healthcare. CCHF will provide an official charitable receipt for any donation over $20 that contributes to our fundraising.

Joy Cella, Amie McCosham, Kathleen Jack & Dr. Leslie Stephens