Government funding does not cover all medical equipment.

Andrew Bissonnette & Robin Barillaro

Andrew Bissonnette & Robin Barillaro

What we do at CCH:

Andrew & Robin: We both work as Registered Nurses in CCH’s ICU, as well as being members of the rapid response team that helps patients throughout the hospital experiencing life threatening emergencies like heart attacks and stroke.

We know and attend to every need our patients have at their bedsides, from administering lifesaving medications to providing them with an extra blanket if they’re cold. We’re there for them in crisis, we advocate for their wellbeing, we hold their hands when they’re crying, and we’re their family when they’re alone. We root for them; we hope for them; we care for them. It’s who we are and what we do.

A little about us …

Andrew & Robin: We both went to Holy Trinity Highschool and St. Lawrence College here in Cornwall. Now, we’re both faculty members at St. Lawrence College’s School of Nursing, and we work together in the ICU. Our paths have crossed in so many ways for so many years, but it wasn’t until 2021 that we started dating. Now, we live together with our two dogs, Oakley and Willow, in Cornwall. We’re passionate about our city’s development over the years and eventually we’d like to raise a family here. Maybe all this time, without knowing it, we were meant to be.

Robin: I grew up in Alexandria but spent a lot of time in Cornwall. As a teenager I became very involved in community theatre – our local production of West Side Story at Aultsville Hall was a highlight for me. Being on stage brings back good memories and I’m looking forward to our performance at Dancing with the CCH Stars on March 4!

Andrew: I’ve never danced before. Growing up, it was hockey in the winter, golf in the summer, and every sport in between. Let’s face it, we’re both competitive. I’m taking my cues from Robin and trying to be the best partner I can be. With hard work, maybe we can win the whole thing!

Andrew & Robin: CCHF contributed ten lessons to each team, but we decided to take things up a notch and we’ve been practicing once a week with Alanna at Studio C. It’s nice to do something outside of work as a couple. This has been a great way to spend quality time together.

Why are we dancing for CCH?

Andrew & Robin: Participating in Dancing with the CCH Stars is a great way to give back to our hospital and community without picking up another shift. We work a lot – especially during hard times, and we feel we need to be there for our patients, our teams, our community. As we’ve seen, especially during the pandemic on the ICU, essential medical equipment provides frontline workers with the tools we need to save lives. Government funding doesn’t cover all the equipment we need, so we’re ready to dance and fundraise to make a difference.

Our project:

We’re fundraising and dancing to win $50,000 in equipment upgrades for our team in the ICU.

Our project offers a combination of equipment to help us care for our patients on the unit, including:

  • A new bedside cardiac monitor.
  • A carbon dioxide module add-on to help us monitor our patients’ vital signs.
  • A triple channel infusion pump to deliver fluids, nutrients, or medications to our patients.


Please consider pledging us in our efforts to support local healthcare. CCHF will provide an official charitable receipt for any donation over $20 that contributes to our fundraising.

Andrew Bissonnette & Robin Barillaro