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Ashlee Murray, Faye Delorme, Jessica Emerey & Meagan Beaupre.

Ashlee Murray, Faye Delorme, Jessica Emerey & Meagan Beaupre.

 Meet (and pledge!) Ashlee, Faye, Jessica and Meagan. 

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 Our team does fancy footwork behind-the-scenes to keep everyone at CCH connected. We’re proud to be part of the big picture, because our support helps deliver exceptional patient care.  

What do we do at CCH?  

Jessica – I’ve been at CCH for almost 20 years now. I started out in Pharmacy, and now I work in our Clinical Informatics team – in fact, that’s where I met my husband, so CCH is a real part of my family.  

Most people aren’t aware of our CI team – we’re the ones who maintain the hospital’s Electronic Health Record (EHR). The EHR is invaluable to every part of CCH, keeping patient information safe, managing information so care’s delivered efficiently, and even strengthening our safety measures to make sure CCH’s healthcare professionals have the urgent details they need when they need it most.  

Ashlee – I’ve been with CCH for 11 years. During that time, I’ve worked in every department except for the OR, and right now I’m a clerk in Emergency. You might see me when you register at the Emergency Department, but I help facilitate care in many ways behind the scenes, from booking urgent transport to other facilities like the Ottawa Heart Institute or CHEO, to supporting patient flow when ambulances arrive, and securing diagnostic tests for incoming traumas.  

Meagan – I’m a full-time clerk in the Mammography Department. I’m responsible for booking appointments, and any procedures associated with breast health, from tests to biopsies and seed localization for cancer with non-palpable breast cancer. Ashlee and I met working in another unit years ago, and we’ve been friends ever since.  

Faye – Like Meagan, I also have strong ties with breast health at CCH. I’m the medical secretary for Dr. Sahar Shirazi. Aside from being a general surgeon, Dr. Shirazi is a specialist in breast oncology surgeries. I’m here to support Dr. Shirazi’s administration from triaging referrals to making appointments, booking OR time and facilitating follow-up appointments. I also liaise with Dr. Zhang from The Ottawa Hospital who partners with Dr. Shirazi here in Cornwall when breast cancer patients request implants as part of their surgical journey.  

Why did we get involved in healthcare in the first place?  

While we do different things at CCH, helping others in an important field was something that appealed to all of us. Each of our roles touch the patient journey at CCH, even if we’re not the ones providing hands-on care. Supporting services that play a part in changing and saving lives matters to us.  

What are we most proud of when it comes to working at CCH?  

Ashlee I’m the third generation working at CCH, and I’m so proud to keep this legacy going. My grandmother was an inspiration to my mom, and then to me. After she retired, she went on to become a devoted member of the hospital’s Auxiliary, so we still got to see her at work. I’m happy to give back to our community, like my family before me.  

Faye I’m proud to work one-on-one with Dr. Shirazi. She’s a skilled surgeon and compassionate doctor, and together we’re devoted to helping people through their hardest times, especially when cancer is involved. We want everyone who comes in to feel our support, and our genuine eagerness to help make their lives better.  

Jessica – It’s rewarding being on a team that affects all corners of the hospital. We strategize, problem solve, and work hard to improve CCH’s safety, efficiency, and care. Having a bird’s eye view of the organization, I’m really proud of the ways our departments collaborate, both individually as well as a whole, to see our patients through.  

Meagan – I’m proud to make a difference in the lives of local women. Booking an appointment related to breast health can be scary, whether it’s fear of the unknown, or being worried about a referral or diagnosis you’ve received. Our department works hard to consider how our patients are feeling and address their needs as quickly as we can. I try to think about the person on the other end of the phone when I’m booking their care.  

What does our community mean to us?  

Community is everything. It’s where our children are, our family, our friends. We work here and we live here, so there’s an added element of connectivity that you might not get in a larger city. Booking cancer surgery, calling an air ambulance for someone’s father, or getting an appointment for a patient who needs it feels close to home.  

And Faye’s a proud member of our local Hellenic Community, too. Feeling connected to others and being there for one another is important. It’s in our roots.   

Why did we decide to participate?  

Dancing with the CCH Stars was so much fun last year – it sold out fast, but a couple of us were able to get tickets to the show. As soon as we watched it, we wanted to participate, and give back to CCH.  

CCHF helped us create a team, helping make new friendships – and revisiting old ones. As it turns out, Faye and Ashlee used to do gymnastics together growing up, and Alanna at Studio C taught Ashlee dance at Holy Trinity!  

What project are we dancing for?  

We’re dancing and fundraising to upgrade one of CCH’s Operating Rooms with new state-of-the-art surgical lights. The lights in our 6 Operating Rooms were installed during the hospital rebuild, and it’s time to replace them with new and improved technology.  

New lighting is essential to illuminate a surgical site, display precise detail, provide higher levels of efficiency, and reduce potential for complications. Ensuring a well-lit surgical field is critical to helping surgical teams deliver exceptional care. This project is essential and everyone in the OR will clearly see its benefits. 

Why should people vote for our team?  

We’re ready to move from behind the scenes to centre stage and win Dancing with the CCH Stars! Our dance is going to be flipping awesome – and hey, remember who books your appointments 😉. Give us some love!  

Ashlee Murray, Faye Delorme, Jessica Emerey & Meagan Beaupre.