Government funding does not cover all medical equipment.

Joy Cella, Amie McCosham, Kathleen Jack & Dr. Leslie Stephens

What we do at CCH: Team: The OR is like a dance – we all have our own steps! And none of it works unless everyone is in synch. See what we did there? Together, our team has 48 years of experience at serving patients at CCH. We work as a team in and out of […]

Dr. Renee Givari

What I do at CCH: I’m one of five Intensivists at CCH, and I’m proud to be the Chief of our Department of Medicine, overseeing all subspecialties of internal medicine, and hospital outpatient clinics for heart function, stroke, thrombosis, hematology, nephrology, and more. An Intensivist is a doctor who looks after critically ill patients requiring […]

Josée Amyot & Rhiannon St. Pierre

What we do at CCH: Josee: I work with the Abuse and Sexual Assault Program (ASAP) at CCH. We’re a small group of nurses who provide care to individuals who have been sexually assaulted or are victims of intimate partner violence. We provide 24/7 coverage for our community. If you or someone you know experiences sexual […]

Andrew Bissonnette & Robin Barillaro

What we do at CCH: Andrew & Robin: We both work as Registered Nurses in CCH’s ICU, as well as being members of the rapid response team that helps patients throughout the hospital experiencing life threatening emergencies like heart attacks and stroke. We know and attend to every need our patients have at their bedsides, from […]

Dr. Celine Lemire

What I do at CCH: When I arrived at CCH, I fell in love with our Emergency Department, not just for the adrenaline-fueled, high-stakes cases that change and save lives, but also for the skilled and dedicated people who staff it: the nurses, secretaries, support staff, and of course the endlessly cool emergency doctors (I […]

Dr. Akram Arab

What I do at CCH: I work in CCH’s ICU, caring for the sickest patients admitted to our hospital. As a Respirologist, breathing issues are my specialty. Life support, medications, and machinery like ventilators are some of the interventions I use every day, so our patients have open airways to breathe through severe illness or […]