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Dr. Christine Suess & Dr. Denis Dubuc

Dr. Christine Suess & Dr. Denis Dubuc

Meet (and pledge!) Dr. Christine Suess and Dr. Denis Dubuc.

Sponsored by Be Beautiful Medical and Dubuc Eye Care Centre. 

 Our legacy at CCH:  

Christine: I came to Cornwall in 2001 under the leadership of my mentor, Dr. Garth Taylor. I became the Chief of Ophthalmology in 2005 until I retired in 2020. Recently, I returned to CCH to assist Dr. Asholi as his supervisor, allowing him to provide needed eye care in Cornwall. 

When I first started, we were performing 8 cataract surgeries a day. During my time as Chief, I continued Dr. Taylor’s work to modernize and improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of our cataract program. During my tenure, we increased our surgical volume significantly so that we could meet the increasing needs of our community.  

I dedicated my career to providing exceptional patient care, and I’m proud to continue advocating for our community’s good health. 

Denis: I’ve been by Christine’s side, supporting her journey with CCH for many years. I’ve worked with the Foundation too, helping purchase new surgical trays to support the OR’s cataract program. We were also proud to support the hospital rebuild and MRI projects. 

The gift of sight … 

Denis: If you think about it, 80 per cent of what we do depends on our vision. You get up in the morning and look at your clock to see what time it is; you go downstairs and look outside to see the weather; then, you might drive to work. Sight is the greatest gift, allowing us to see the beauty of nature, the face of a child or loved one – and it’s a gift we must protect.  

Christine: There was a study that asked patients with macular degeneration what they’d be willing to trade to keep their vision – some people said they’d give up an arm, their hearing, even a decade of their life to see properly again.  

Denis and I shared a patient once who had cancer and knew she was dying. Her vision was incredibly important to her; she told us she wanted to be able to see into her next life. We worked to ensure she received cataract surgery as soon as possible, and proper glasses so she could see clearly at the end.  

Cataract surgery is one of the most performed surgeries, with the best outcomes. It’s amazing to see how much vision affects our perceptions not only of the world, but of ourselves. Patients are always so happy with how much better they are able to see after their cataract surgery. They are often amazed by what they were missing before. 

Our healthcare journey … 

Christine: Originally, I wanted to become an aeronautical engineer. As I explored my options in University, I realized I liked helping people and that I wanted to become a doctor. When I met Denis, he had such passion for what he was studying in optometry school that I became inspired to become an ophthalmologist.  

Denis: I’m proud of my family’s legacy supporting eye health in our community for over 50 years. My father, originally from Crystal Falls, established his optometry practice in the heart of Le Village to support his French Heritage. As I was growing up, I saw how my father helped people in his optometry practice. I’d visit his office at a young age and could see how his work impacted the community. We always had books about the eye at our house that we would look at when we were kids. We were immersed in the importance of vision, so it should not be a surprise that 4 of us became optometrists and one of us is a nurse. For many years, Christine and I worked together in our practice, combining our skills as an Optometrist and Ophthalmologist for the good of our patients. Serving our community is in our blood. 

Christine: I guess you could say that Denis’ father inspired him, and then Denis inspired me. We built the Dubuc Eye Care Centre together as a family. During our grand opening, the Minister of Health at the time attended to celebrate our accomplishment. He said our Centre, marrying Optometry and Ophthalmology, represented the ideal for patient care.  

What does our community mean to us?  

We live here. We work here. We’ve raised children here. We love this community. It’s a safe, kind, and generous place with growing diversity. All our children, including our daughter with special needs, are fluently bilingual and they’ve benefited from excellent support from local educators. We’re proud this is our home.  

A thriving community is a healthy community. If we have a hospital that can provide for our community’s needs, we can all be healthier. No one wants to go to the hospital, but when we need to use it, we must make sure it’s there for us.  

Why did we decide to participate in Dancing with the CCH Stars? 

Denis We’ve enjoyed dancing together since the late 80’s when we would go out to dance clubs in Chicago. While we no longer go to clubs, we enjoy taking recreational ballroom classes at PSOD.  

Christine: We thought it would be fun to create a team. We’ve taken dance lessons for years, we love our community, and we believe in our hospital. Denis and I understand funding formulas, that equipment needs to be replaced, and new technology is required. Quality medical equipment is essential to quality care.  

What’s our project? 

We’re dancing and fundraising to upgrade one of CCH’s Operating Rooms with new state-of-the-art surgical lights. The lights in our 6 Operating Rooms were installed during the hospital rebuild, and it’s time to replace them with new and improved technology.  

New lighting is essential to illuminate a surgical site, display precise detail, provide higher levels of efficiency, and reduce potential for complications. Ensuring a well-lit surgical field is critical to helping surgical teams deliver exceptional care. This project is essential and everyone in the OR will clearly see its benefits.  

Why should people vote for us? 

We hope the community votes for us because our project is important. Improving our clinicians’ visual fields helps them deliver exceptional care in the OR. You know, people used to call us the Dream Team when we worked together – so we’re bringing that energy to the stage. We’re ready to compete, so keep your eye on us! 😊 

Dr. Christine Suess & Dr. Denis Dubuc