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Farhana Meghji & Malika Meghji.

Farhana Meghji & Malika Meghji.

Meet (and pledge!) Farhana and Malika. 

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 What do I do at CCH, and who am I dancing with?  

Farhana: I’m the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Coordinator who works in partnership between CCH and the Cornwall Police. This is a brand-new position since January 2023. It’s a forward-thinking role striving to make our community hospital and police services safe, welcoming places where everyone can feel recognized, included, and able to comfortably be who they are.  

I’m excited to be dancing with my daughter, Malika. We moved to Cornwall when Malika was under a year old, so we could have our family and support system around us. Malika’s a creative soul who cares about community, so it just felt right to dance together.  

Malika: After high school, I did my undergrad in Waterloo and now I’m training to be a paralegal in Toronto. Since I’m further away now, Mom and I are managing our dance practices between Zoom and in-person when I’m home. Luckily, I trained for many years with Powell School of Dance’s competitive team so I’m comfortable with their process and staff.  

Why did I come to CCH in the first place?  

Farhana – CCH is about people who want to help people. Ultimately, it’s about bringing individuals together who care. Whether it’s about health, safety, or community, our hospital and our police have a vocation to serve others. When I saw the shared EDI role, as a community-minded person, it really appealed to me.   

What am I most proud of when it comes to working at CCH?  

Farhana – I am so proud that we’ve created our first EDI Committee at CCH. We have 23 engaged members, including physicians. The commitment to making CCH inclusive and equitable, reflecting the changing landscape of Cornwall, recognizing and celebrating our cultures and communities? That’s meaningful and I’m proud to be a part of it. What a passionate and caring group!  

What does our community mean to me and Malika?  

Farhana: Cornwall means home to me. I had the opportunity to travel in life, and then felt that it was important to bring Malika back to my roots to grow up. I truly feel Cornwall has so much to celebrate. The relationships with Akwesasne and the changes in our community since I grew up here are amazing. It wasn’t nearly as diverse here when I was younger, but now I look around and can’t help but see others like me. As I said, that feels like home.  

Malika: I’m extremely thankful to have grown up here. Mom and I developed such a strong support system, it’s a blessing to know the people around you really care. It’s something I notice when I come back after spending time in larger cities. It’s really special.  

 What’s ONE thing I wish the community knew about CCH? 

Farhana: I wish people knew that the individuals at CCH truly care about our community. That’s something you see when you get the chance to work inside an organization that you might not take in from the outside. I’ve been so impressed to observe and work with people who truly believe in what we do, and I’ve experienced the same with the Cornwall Police. The bottom line to me is that both these groups are invested in making our community a healthier, safer place to be.    

How did we decide to dance?  

Farhana: When I heard Dancing with the CCH Stars was coming back for year 2, I knew I wanted to be part of it. So, I gathered up some courage, and threw my name in for the chance to participate.  

I’ve been watching my daughter dance for years, so really, I’m sure I can pick this up? 😊 I was partnered with Powell School of Dance, and when they saw my name, they suggested a mother/daughter lyrical dance — something to tug on the heartstrings.  

Malika: Mom had some very big ideas at the beginning … 

Farhana: I told her she had to be on her game!  

Malika: I told Mom I’m not the one we need to worry about 😉. I think we’ve come up with something that’s pretty special working with Powell School of Dance, and I’m looking forward to getting on stage together. 

Farhana: I could not be prouder of Malika for taking this journey with her mom and doing something great for our hospital and community.  

What’s our project?  

Our project is about empowering patients who live with ongoing illnesses across our community so they can get more out of life. When someone’s diagnosed with a chronic disease or limitation, they experience a sense of grief for the life they had. If we provide them with the proper tools, they can better manage their diagnosis with a more positive outlook and sense of independence. Our $50,000 project includes 4 opportunities:  

  1. A self-assessment station on the 3rd floor including: 
  • A bariatric scale with height rod and safety rail  
  • A wheelchair scale with dual sided ramp 
  • Blood pressure equipment 
  • Blood sugar device station  
  • Heart rate monitor  
  • Signage and chairs  

The self-assessment station will be a first for our department. It can be used by our patients ahead of – and between – appointments, so they can use calibrated equipment to make sure they’re tracking properly at home or come in to double-check the accuracy of the values they’re recording. We want to teach patients to identify trends and take their health into their hands. If they spot a problem, we can help them address it more quickly, and hopefully avoid a bigger issue or hospital stay.  

  1. New exercise equipment (one treadmill and two bikes) for patients with COPD or chronic asthma. Our rehab professionals offer classes to patients so they can gain confidence to walk outside, maybe join a gym and take better control of their respiratory health. Our equipment has seen better days. It’s still working but we need better technology for our patients. 
  2. A new leg press machine for our geriatric day clinic to train muscle resistance in seniors. By strengthening their muscles, we can help seniors adjust to changes in their bodies, avoiding falls and staying more active. 
  3. A blanket warmer and stand for our PICC patients, to add more comfort to their visits. Our PICC team helps deliver essential medicine, nutrients, or treatments to chronically ill patients, including preparing cancer patients for the delivery of their chemotherapy. 

Why should people pledge our team?  

Come on. You have to vote for us! We’re the first mother-daughter duo in Dancing with the CCH Stars! We’re relatable – she’s young, adorable, and such a sweet soul – and I love yoga and sweets! Who doesn’t love chocolate? We’re having fun – have fun with us, pledge our team and support our project! 

Farhana Meghji & Malika Meghji.