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Rhiannon St. Pierre & Josee Amyot.

Rhiannon St. Pierre & Josee Amyot.

Welcome back (and pledge!) Rhiannon St-Pierre and Josee Amyot.

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 We’re BACK and ready to dance again!  

We loved our CCH Stars experience so much last year, we wanted to be part of this amazing adventure again, TOGETHER. We can’t wait to hit the stage, fundraise, and help make a difference at CCH! 

What a difference a year makes! 

When we started our Dancing with the CCH Stars journey last year, we were coming out of the pandemic, and looking for a way to find ourselves again.  

Josee – Over the past year, I’ve achieved a lot of the balance I was craving. The happiness I have at home helps me through the difficult case days at work. I’m grateful for the compassion of my colleagues, the bonds we’ve developed, and the perseverance I see daily as we work to support our community in good health.  

I’m still a proud member of CCH’s Assault and Sexual Abuse Program (ASAP) and the Emergency Department. At ASAP, our team provides care to victims of sexual assault, sex trafficking, and intimate partner violence. Sometimes our work feels difficult to talk about, but communication is necessary to create awareness and support. I’m the first point of contact during the most vulnerable time in these patients’ lives. In the Emergency Department, I direct patients to move within and outside of CCH in a safe, timely manner, with the help they need.   

Rhiannon – The experience we had with last year’s show – and with each other – created such a positive space for both of us. It’s crazy to think our friendship began over a shared love of kitchen dance parties. We still hang out, and Josee even introduced me to my new partner, so coming back to dance together a year later just feels right. 

Since last year I’ve changed roles here at CCH. Now I’m the Coordinator of Quality & Risk, Patient Safety, and Patient Experience, and I’m tremendously grateful for this opportunity. The title may sound long, but the areas I serve are essential to our hospital and community.  

 When it comes to Quality and Risk, all hospitals in Ontario are required to identify areas of improvement, develop plans to make things better, and be accountable to demonstrate results.  I love identifying, measuring, and monitoring these initiatives to seek change. Our team works hard to improve the services and care we provide at CCH, and it’s exciting to be a part of that.  

Patient Experience is another important aspect of my position. Feedback is essential to quality care. We genuinely want to hear how we’re doing, whether that comes in the form of concerns, or compliments about our service. Our team works every day to review and respond to feedback from patients, families, caregivers, staff, and physicians. The information we receive helps identify gaps in service so we can continue working towards making things better for everyone. 

 What do we hope we’ll bring to this year’s competition?  

 Josee – Energy. Positivity. Support. If other teams are interested in our experience with the process, we’re happy to help mentor them, too. And when it comes to our dance moves? We’re taking what we learned last year and ramping it up! As soon as we heard we could dance a second time, we were ready to choose our song, hit the studio, and practice, practice, practice.  

Rhiannon – I think about how taken aback I was last year with how the community rallied behind all of us, and how amazing (and unexpected) it was to feel on stage in the theatre. It was such an overwhelmingly positive experience for us and for our hospital. I look forward to creating another great show, reflecting the care we received through the process, and raising more funds to support CCH.  

What does our community mean to us?  

Josee – I’m proud to work at a community hospital that touches the lives of local families. We work hard to support our patients with compassion and respect. Even if our experiences are different, we come from the same place, and we want our skills to help make lives better. We arrive to work every day at our second home, with our second family who are our colleagues. Outside of work, my kids love local sports and I coach soccer for the Blazers – so community is a big part of our family’s life.  

Rhiannon – Love from our community was an essential part of our healing from the pandemic. From our frontlines to our administration, we continue to work with the goal of keeping our community healthy. This is where we live, where we raise our families, where our kids play sports. I’m proud to be part of this community, and proud to work at CCH.   

We’ve also loved the time we’ve spent with our local dance community, training with Studio C last year and BCDC this year. In fact, the crew at BCDC has invited us to perform at their end-of-year recital in June, too. If someone had told us a few years ago this is what we’d be doing, we probably wouldn’t have believed them! 

What project are we dancing for this year? 

We were thrilled to hear that all the projects from last year’s show were purchased thanks to the overwhelming success of the event and continued fundraising after the curtains closed. Last year, we danced for essential upgrades to the inpatient mental health unit. This year, our project’s about improving the environment in which our staff work every day as they’re providing care.  

Our project will fund a renovation to the nurses’ station on the first level of Janet McDonald Pavilion. This station is used by CCH’s nurses, clerical staff, and physicians 24/7, 365 days a year. Caregivers stop in to get information and support there, too. The station’s seen better days after 20 years of wear and tear, and it’s tired. This floor is a busy place, with patients and families visiting from all walks of life. Anyone sick enough to be hospitalized outside the ICU, Emergency, or the OR might stay here. The station is an essential hub and focal point on the floor, so we’d like to make it fresh again for our staff and community.   

Why should you vote for us?  

If you loved us last year, you’ll love us even more in 2024 – that’s our guarantee! We’re practicing hard, we’ll be breaking out some new moves, and we need your pledges to help us raise funds for CCH. So, pledge our team and help us take home the Clinical Cup!   

Rhiannon St. Pierre & Josee Amyot.