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Josée Amyot & Rhiannon St. Pierre

Josée Amyot & Rhiannon St. Pierre

What we do at CCH:

Josee: I work with the Abuse and Sexual Assault Program (ASAP) at CCH. We’re a small group of nurses who provide care to individuals who have been sexually assaulted or are victims of intimate partner violence. We provide 24/7 coverage for our community. If you or someone you know experiences sexual assault or intimate partner violence, you can come our Emergency Department, ask for an ASAP nurse, and we will help you.  I also work in the Emergency Department and on the Assertive Community Treatment Team (ACTT). ACTT supports clients with mental health diagnoses so they can live a good life within our community. We do our very best to help keep them at home, where possible, instead of being admitted to CCH.

Rhiannon: I manage health information services, business analytics, and privacy at CCH. I’ve worked at our hospital since 2011. I am passionate about the sensitivity of the information we work with and firmly believe that health information is an individual’s own to share.


A little about us …

Josee: I have a huge passion for helping people. I get so much satisfaction from contributing to positive outcomes from the most difficult situations. At work, helping patients find safety and support is the most important thing to me.

Rhiannon: I always knew I wanted to help people. While I’m not on the frontlines, I believe so strongly in our clinical team, and am proud to contribute to the work behind the scenes.

Josee and Rhiannon: Also? We found out we LOVE to dance! Before Dancing with the CCH Stars, our training was limited to kitchen dance parties, but now we look forward to our lessons on Sundays and we’ve even formed a friendship with our teacher, Cat. We love Studio C!


Why we’re dancing for CCH:

Josee: In March of 2022, I experienced burnout after working in Emergency and with the ASAP Program during the height of COVID. When I started recovering from burnout, I received the email about Dancing with the CCH Stars and felt excited to be part of something bigger to support our hospital. I love the staff at CCH and truly feel like we are a family. I would have never made it on the frontlines of the pandemic without my coworkers.

Rhiannon: I heard the news about Dancing with the CCH Stars when I was in my car. Like many individuals at CCH, I was feeling the pressure of the pandemic. This was taking me down a path of feeling disengaged, and I was struggling, so the announcement could not have come at a more perfect time. I was so excited, I pulled over and sent a message that I needed a spot on one of the teams! I can’t wait to help make a difference at CCH!


Our project:

We’re fundraising and dancing to win $50,000 in new bedroom furniture for CCH’s inpatient mental health unit:

  • Did you know CCH is the only hospital in our region outside of Ottawa with an inpatient mental health unit?
  • New furniture, rated for behavioral units, is required to increase safety for patients and staff.
  • $50,000 will purchase platform beds, desks, and chairs for six patient rooms.

Josee: It’s so important to take care of our mental health along with our physical health. It’s okay not to be okay, and together we can work to try and make things better. I have such an incredible support system and I don’t know how people cope without others to lean on. We need to talk about our services, create more awareness, and work to develop a stronger system of support.

Rhiannon: I’ve had my own struggles and know that many people, especially over the last number of years, have been through so much. I’m happy to share that I’ve used CCH’s services to support my own mental health, and I am so much stronger for it. I just want others to know it’s okay to share, it’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to talk about it.

Please consider pledging us in our efforts to support local healthcare. CCHF will provide an official charitable receipt for any donation over $20 that contributes to our fundraising.


Josée Amyot & Rhiannon St. Pierre