Government funding does not cover all medical equipment.

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Dylan Seguin, Rebecca Greggain, Ashley Munro & Rachel Cook.

Dylan Seguin, Rebecca Greggain, Ashley Munro & Rachel Cook.

Meet (and pledge!) Dylan, Rebecca, Ashley, and Rachel.

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 What do we do at CCH?  

All four of us work as registered nurses in CCH’s Emergency Department. If you add it together, we have 58 years of nursing experience between us. We’re a real team: three of us have been at CCH for a long time, so we’re teaching Dylan everything he knows – including his dance moves! From junior to senior staff, we all work together to support our patients when they need it most.  

Rachel – I’ve been nursing for 24 years now. I was lucky enough to do some travel nursing earlier on in my career, working in Philadelphia, where two of my kids were born. I’ve been in the Emergency Department at CCH for 13 years.  

Rebecca – I’ve been at CCH since 2002. I started as an RPN and then went back to school to become an RN. I worked in the ICU and have been part of our emergency team for 18 years.  

Ashley – I’ve been an emergency nurse for 14 years. I started at Glengarry Memorial and then moved to CCH. I also teach nursing with St. Lawrence College for clinical placements at our hospital.  

Dylan – I’ve been an emergency nurse for two years now, and I’m happy they’re taking me under their wing. 

Why did we get involved in healthcare in the first place?  

Rachel – I think I always wanted to be a nurse. I enjoy people and I like helping them. Being a mom and being a nurse?  It’s who I am. Caring for and supporting others suits me, so I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. 

Rebecca – Nurturing people, taking care of them, being there during their most difficult times, and supporting them is what I’ve always wanted to do. It really does become a part of you. It’s not always easy, but I’m so proud to be a nurse.  

Ashley – Most of my aunts are nurses so I was exposed to the lifestyle at a young age, and I guess their care inspired me. My family worked with the community a lot, and I saw the impact they were able to have on others. Watching that growing up made me want to help and support people too.  

Dylan – I didn’t know I wanted to be a nurse initially; it wasn’t really something I thought about. Then my grandma got sick with cancer. I spent a lot of time in the hospital with her, wanting to support her. I started to get interested in what was happening with the healthcare workers around me, and I wanted to help. My fiancé’s a nurse too, so now it’s part of the family.  

What are you most proud of when it comes to working at CCH?  

Rachel – I’m just proud of the relationships I’ve made with my fellow staff members and members of the community. Working at a midsize hospital, we can more easily get to know our patients and feel the impact of our care because everyone is so close to home. We’re hard on ourselves. I guess that’s a part of truly wanting to help others. As the years pass and our experiences continue to grow there comes a point when we realize we really can make a difference.  

Rebecca When someone arrives at CCH, especially in crisis, we’re often the first faces they see. Building trusting relationships and treating our patients with compassion is so important. For us, it’s another day, but for them it might be the most vulnerable they’ve ever been. I’m proud of the work our team does, and the role play to hopefully make someone’s life better or connect them with the services they need.  

Our team’s like a puzzle. Everyone brings their own piece to the table and contributes something different. If we can empower one another and work together, the impact of what we do can become even greater.  

Ashley I’m honestly proud to be part of our team. Working in the Emergency Department is like our home away from home. We spend holidays, days, and nights together. We laugh together. Sometimes we call each other crying after shifts, shedding tears for families, for their trauma, for their pain. We care. And we learn from each other, 12 hours a day. You have to build each other up. That’s what nursing’s about, and it’s how we continue doing the best we can for our patients and their families, day in and day out.  

Dylan – Sometimes I think we don’t give ourselves enough credit. Maybe it’s because the nature of a true emergency means we won’t always have good outcomes. That’s not easy. But we do save lives. We always want to save lives. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. We try to put ourselves in the family’s shoes – we give them another chance to see their loved one, even if it’s 10, 20, 30 minutes. Whatever time they need, we want to allow that moment to connect. To me, that’s important.  

Why did we decide to participate this year?  

Ashley kickstarted our connection and encouraged us to get going. We wanted to do something fun with good vibes, so we decided to recruit Dylan. What was he going to say, no? We’re doing it for fun, to demonstrate our department’s spirit, to get the tools we need to make things happen for local patients. We saw how proud everyone was to participate last year and we wanted to experience that, too.  

What’s our project?  

We’re dancing and fundraising to support our team in the Emergency Department. Our project includes: 

  • 5 new stretchers, each equipped with an electric lift to support patient safety and help protect our nurses’ backs, eliminating resistance and improving ergonomic design.  


  • A new patient lift: this piece of equipment is essential to get immobile patients out of bed more easily, helping avoid respiratory issues, bedsores, and other problems. Proper lifts are so important for patients and staff, increasing comfort and preventing injury. 

We enjoy what we do and want our careers to last longer so it’s important that our new equipment checks two boxes – keeping patients safe and helping staff avoid injuries, too. We serve quadriplegics, people who use wheelchairs, individuals with spinal cord injuries, and patients of all sizes. We need to serve everyone with the support and dignity they deserve and require the proper tools to support them. 

Why should people vote for us? 

We’re the first faces you see when you come into the hospital. We respond. We save lives. Sometimes we’re the last face you might see. Vote for us because we put our blood, sweat, and tears into every shift. We’re here for you, please pledge our team!  

Dylan Seguin, Rebecca Greggain, Ashley Munro & Rachel Cook.